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A creative problem-solver, Heather Barbis is the founder and lead creative of HB Design, a design studio based in Morro Bay, California.


Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2020, HB Design enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional design to deliver unique, dynamic graphic design solutions tailored to client needs.


As a modern form of art, graphic design can directly impact thoughts, emotions, perceptions and more. Creating or elevating a client’s brand and their messaging to deliver the most effective communication in a way that sets them apart is both fulfilling and extremely rewarding. 


Supported by both a BS in Visual Communications and a BS Journalism from Ohio University, Heather integrates the design and editing process for clients while maneuvering challenging projects from concept to completion. Heather’s creative efforts have been recognized through numerous awards and client results over the years.   

Graphic design is an especially successful tool because of its ability to deliver vast and effective results. The aesthetics and organization of a piece can determine whether the audience views, values and takes action on the intended message.

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